"A Blobject is most often a colorful, mass-produced, plastic-based, emotionally engaging consumer product with a curvilinear, flowing shape. This fluid and curvaceous form is the blobject's most distinctive feature.Fluid and curvaceous is one of many ways to describe the unique sounds of bLOBJECt. Conceived in 2008 and hailing from Collingwood Ontario, bLOBJECt has made quite an impression in a very short amount of time. Having a combined 30 years experience this powerhouse trio has delighted audiences with their signature sound, which has been coined as “blojectesque” to many fans. Playing local shows around the Simcoe-Grey Bruce area bLOBJECt offers fans an alternative to mainstream rock while still staying true to their musical roots.

bLOBJECt can be classified as a rock band but incorporates a plethora of musical genres from funk, progressive rock, blues, trance, fusion, bluegrass, heavy metal, world music while still remembering the importance of improvisation and spontaneity.